Research Article

Prevalence of HDV-RNA in HBV-DNA Positive Patients


  • Mustafa BERKTAŞ
  • Mehmet PARLAK
  • Aytekin ÇIKMAN
  • Metin YÜCE
  • Görkem YAMAN

Viral Hepat J 2012;18(1):34-36


Hepatitis D virus (HDV) requires Hepatitis B virus(HBV) for replication and may cause to severe acute and chronic hepatitis. HDV is more frequently detected in our region In this study, HDV-RNA frequency was investigated in HBV-DNA-positive acute hepatitis B, chronic hepatitis B and HBsAg carriers.

Materials and Methods:

Results of 145 serum samples were examined for HDV-RNA that was detected as HBV-DNA positive in our laboratory from September 2009 to June 2010. After isolation in serum samples using magnetic particle isolation technology (Easy One), the HBV-DNA (HBV Rotor Gene PCR Kit, Qiagen®, Hilden) and HDV-RNA (Primer Design, UK) were examined.


From a total of 145 patients with HBV-DNA positive serum samples, HDV-RNA positivity was found in 15 (10.3%).


Ratio that was obtained as 10.3% in this study is compatible with the data obtained from previously studies. Considering the presence of HBV DNA negative, delta IgG positive and HDV RNA negative cases with chronic Hepatitis D, it should be addressed that the given rate would further rise. Routine HDV screening in patients presenting with findings of acute or chronic liver diseases, implementation of appropriate isolation precautions for HBV and community-wide vaccination against HBV are crucial to combat with HDV infection.

Keywords: HBV-DNA, HDV-RNA, PCR, serum

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