Research Article

Seroprevalance of Hepatitis and HIV in Patients and Blood Donors and Evaluation of HCV-RNA Levels in Anti-HCV Positive Samples in Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital


  • Yakup GÜRKAN
  • Alparslan TOYRAN
  • Altan AKSOY
  • Feride Alaca ÇOSKUN
  • Ahmet SEZER

Viral Hepat J 2013;19(3):131-135


In this study, it was aimed to determine the seroprevalance of HBsAg, anti-HBs, anti-HCV, anti-HAV IgM and IgG and anti-HIV in patients and HBsAg, anti-HCV, anti-HIV in blood donors who were admitted to Ankara Numune Education and Research Hospital between 1 Jan 2012-31 Dec 2012; evaluate HCV-RNA levels in anti-HCV positive samples and review the appropriateness of the s/co value which is used in our laboratory.

Materials and Methods:

Hepatitis and HIV serology were studied with a Chemiluminescent Microparticle Immunoassay (CMIA) method in Architect i1000 and i2000 SR (Abbott, Germany) analyzers. HCV-RNA was extracted with Qiasymphony (Qiagen, Germany) system DSP Virus / Pathogen Midi Kit and amplified by Corbett Research Rotor Gene 6000 (Qiagen, Germany) system, HCV QS-RGQ Kit (24).


The sample numbers and seropositivity rates of inpatients and outpatients were 61786 sample, 3448 positive (5.58%) for HBsAg; 23453 sample, 10001 positive (42.64%) for anti-HBs; 60507 sample 907 positive (1.5%) for anti-HCV; 1755 sample 21 positive (1.2%) for anti-HAV IgM; 1591 sample 1251 positive (78.63%) for anti-HAV IgG; and 57247 sample 50 positive (0.087%) for anti-HIV. Among 12.976 blood donors, numbers and percentage of seropositivity were 113 (0.87%) for HBsAg; 43 (0.33%) for anti-HCV and 0 (0%) for anti-HIV. 225 samples with anti-HCV s/co value between 1-5 were studied for HCV-RNA and all of the results were found to be negative. The positivity rate of HCV-RNA in samples with anti-HCV s/co value between 5-10 was 16.36%, and in samples with anti-HCV s/co value >10; it was 56.22%.


The seropositivity rates for hepatitis and HIV were similar to that reported in recent studies in Turkiye. In our study,HCV-RNA negative for all patients with s/co value between 1-5 so viremia not detected.

Keywords: Hepatitis; anti-HIV, seroprevalance, HCV RNA, cutoff

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