Research Article

The Evaluation of HBV-DNA Levels In Patients who Had Lost Hbsag After Recovery From Hepatitis B Virus Infection


  • Nurcan BAYKAM
  • Şebnem EREN GÖK

Viral Hepat J 2012;18(2):47-51


The risk of transmitting hepatitis B virus has been reported to continue in the blood of people with loss of HBsAg after recovery from hepatitis B virus infection. The aim of the present study was to investigate the hepatitis B virus DNA in patients with loss HBsAg after recovery from hepatitis B virus infection by using polymerase chain reaction.

Materials and Methods:

Total 57 cases were evaluated. Hepatitis B virus DNA was detected in 19 (43.2%) of 44 patients with loss of HBsAg after acute hepatitis B virus infection, and in 2 (15.4%) of 13 cases who had natural immunity with positive antiHBs. Results: Infectivity continued in 21 (36.8%) cases. Hepatitis B virus DNA levels were detected between 4.6 x102 with 1x105 genome / mL in these serum samples.


In our study, hepatitis B virus DNA can positive in patients with loss of HBsAg after hepatitis B virus infection have been shown. For this reason, antiHBc screening more reliable than HBsAg was thought in the selection of blood donors. It was thought that hepatitis B virus DNA testing with polymerase chain reaction is appropriate in serum and tissues of donors with positive hepatitis B virus serology in the organ transplantation practices.

Keywords: Blood donors, hepatitis B, polymerase chain reaction

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